Guided Mountain Lion Hunts

Our Guided Mountain Lion Hunts is what we live for!  If you have never experienced the song of an expertly trained hound in pursuit of the elusive Mountain Lion, you are missing out.  Mountain Lion hunting in Utah can be one of the most strenuous yet rewarding hunts one can experience.  Our hounds-men are the most driven and successful Mountain Lion guides in the western United States, and they stand ready to take you on an experience of a lifetime!

Mountain Lion hunts are typically conducted in snowy conditions.  This ensures the best opportunity for you to harvest a trophy lion.  Our hounds are not limited to tracking in snow however as their proven track record speaks for itself.

Obtaining a Mountain Lion Permit

The opportunity to hunt mountain lions in Utah has never been better, and obtaining a permit in Utah has never been easier.  Any hunter who satisfies the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources requirements can obtain an over-the-counter, harvest objective mountain lion permit.  These permits are statewide with the exception of a few limited-entry units.

Of course, we are willing and able to assist you in obtaining a mountain lion permit through our FREE HUNT CONSULTATION service.  Give us a call today, and let’s go hunting!