Guided Mule Deer Hunts

Our guides at High Top Outfitters are Crazy about mule deer! Every chance they get, they are in the field finding, photographing, and videoing some of the largest bucks in the state. A few of the units in Utah have the potential of harvesting a buck over the 220″ mark. Other units across the state are up and coming with some of the best mule deer hunting in the country. General Season buck and antlerless permits are also available.

Weather for the October/November mule deer hunts? Cool and down right cold. Plan on highs in the 50’s and lows dipping to 20’s. In some of the high elevation ranches 1 foot of snow may fall at anytime, although not the norm. Could it get any better than cold and snow in November? Nope! 

Mule Deer Tags

There are a few different ways to obtain a Deer tag in the state of Utah including:
-Utah’s draw tags – If you are unsure about Utah’s draw system or need advice about what unit you should put in for, we offer free consultation.
-Conservation tags that are 100% tax deductible – We can assist you in obtaining your conservation tag.

Conservation Tags

You can purchase a Conservation tag that is 100% tax deductable. With these tags comes the benefit of hunting the hottest units without having to draw out for it. The money spent on conservation tags goes directly to benefit Utah’s wildlife and their habitats. High Top Outfitters provides a FREE draw consultation for all elk hunts, trophy and general season. We are happy to assist you in obtaining your conservation tag and/or selecting the best hunt and unit for you based off of your accumulated preference points.