Guided Mountain Lion Hunts

If you have never experienced the song of an expertly trained hound in pursuit of the elusive Mountain Lion, you are missing out. Cougar hunting in Utah can be one of the most strenuous but rewarding hunts anyone has experienced. High Top Outfitter’s houndsmen are some of the hardest hunting and successful cougar guides in the western United States. Hunts are typically conducted in snowy conditions to ensure the best possible opportunity for you to harvest a trophy lion. Our services are not limited to draw units only, we  successfully guide over the counter harvest objective permits holders every year as well.

Cougar Over The Counter Tags Available

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Cougar Tags

There are a few different ways to obtain a Cougar tag in the state of Utah including:
-Utah’s draw tags – If you are unsure about Utah’s draw system or need advice about what unit you should put in for, we offer free consultation
-Over the counter tags- These tags work off a quota system where a unit stays open until a specified number of animals are harvested
-Conservation tags that are 100% tax deductible – We can assist you in obtaining your conservation tag.

Conservation Tags

You can purchase a Conservation tag that is 100% tax deductable. With these tags comes the benefit of hunting the hottest units without having to draw out for it. The money spent on conservation tags goes directly to benefit Utah’s wildlife and their habitats. High Top Outfitters provides a FREE draw consultation for all elk hunts, trophy and general season. We are happy to assist you in obtaining your conservation tag and/or selecting the best hunt and unit for you based off of your accumulated preference points.